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Episode 9 · 3 months ago

Space City Disconnected


In this episode, I talk about the Astros and their recent struggles on the mound and at the plate. With the recent series loss to the Angels, the Astros should be concerned with the quality of pitching from Jake Odorizzi. The offense needs to get going before they head off the road next week.

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On the main fire. It's gonna Store the Texas Baseball report, which our host ripped gripping. Hey, what's going guys? Welcome to this episode of the Texas Baseball Report. I'm your host, Rip Grip, and you can follow me on twitter at rip grifferent three. Be sure the follow the show on twitter and facebook as well at Texas baseball report. Soon we will be getting back into doing live episodes. We've been having some networking connecting issues, so hopefully we can get back to doing a live stream, but you can also follow the show on Youtube as well at Texas baseball report. So on top for this episode we will be recapping the Ashtro series against the Los Angeles Angels. They're at home at minute may park. It was not the best showing for the opening series to start the two thousand and twenty two season for the Houston Astros at home, because it was very hard to watch as this pitching staff and this offense just did not seem to get things going as far as clicking, putting the ball and play. At the they put the ball in play, but it seemed like they just weren't finding the holes, and that's baseball. That happens you have your good days offensively and you have your bad days where the ball just does not seem to find a place to go, to land where you can get those extra base hits and driving those runs with runners in scoring positions. So it was very hard to watch as the Astros just did not have it going in this first series of the season.

And not to mention to you know, on Wednesday night they brought out the space the city connect Jersey's uniforms for the first time this season and that's the something that they're going to be wearing every Monday at home for the rest of the season. So it was not the best showing. And not to mension to Jacod Rizzy was on the mount so he struggled quite a bit in this series and I don't know what's going on with Jakeo Rizzy. To be quite honest, I really don't. You know, I gave him a Mulligan in two thousand and twenty one because I felt that he did not get the opportunity. Didn't go through spring training with the team, was injured quite a bit, then he got pushed into the bullpen when the postseason rolled around. So he just did not seem to be his self in which he earned himself an Allstar AP parents in two thousand and nineteen when he went fifteen and seven with the three, point, five one ARA, and that was within thirty games with the Minnesota twins. So we have not seen that Jake Orizzi since he joined the Houston Astros last season. So far he has a last season he had a four point, three eight Arra and a hundred thirteen innings pitch. Then that was in twenty six games. So I don't know what is going on because he didn't even make it out of the first inning on Wednesday nights game against the angels. Man She just to go too and a third innings too. That's when the rest of the rotation is at least getting you a solid for maybe five innings. Justin Berland are going eight against the mariners last weekend. But you've got to be able to get into the into the at least the middle part of the game, because you know, you got to give credit to the bullpen last night because the bullpen was absolutely outstanding. They...

...did not give up an earned run the rest of the game Christian Javier came in. I really think Christian Javier needs to be the guy that needs to be in that starting rotation to take out a recy spot. I think Otter Rizzy is going to be demoted into the bullpen too so he can figure out what it is that he's doing incorrectly to get guys out. Now he was hitting his pitches last night. His spots were there. Now I will I will give him some credit that he was not getting the calls that he needed to get. There's a couple of times especially maybe he had one out and he was hitting the corners, but he wasn't getting the calls. So that's not entirely on uttersy. It was very poor umpiring behind the plate last night as well, so you can't really put all of that on Ottersy. But when we look at his outing so far this season, the last one he went for a third. He went for innings in his first start against the angels there and at Anaheim. So I don't I don't know what happened and he was good in that opening game. He was hitting his spots and he was getting himself out of jams in that second appearance against the mariners. So I don't know what was happening in this series. I don't know if the angels picked up on something during while they were watching film and realized he maybe he had a tendency to go to a certain part of the plate or or in the zone, or maybe he was just a lot of thing. A lot of pitches were kind of elevated a little bit. But you know, I think that's one thing as a starting picture. You can work around those things and you should be able to at least hit your spots and try to get now, I know you want to try to get swing. You Miss, especially on those those two counts or those one two counts where you're you're...

...head and you want to try to just get go for the the strikeout right. But you know when you get behind, then okay, you're just trying to put the ball in place so you can get it out. And you know, I don't, I don't get it. I mean you know that last outing against the manners he went for a third. He gave up eight hit, four earned runs, three walks and only one strikeout, and that was in against the manners and he didn't even I don't know. It's really tough too. I want it, I want to give outor is you a bunch of credit. I really do. I want to try to be there and support him because I know whatever it is, he's probably struggling against something. But to go to and a third, giving up two hits, six runs, three of those which were earned, four walks and only two strikeouts and two thirds of an ending is not, not at this level and not with this caliber team that is a postseason team and is a team that can get back to the world series as well. So he needs to figure out something. Christian Jabbier, like I mentioned, is a guy that he went three and three and two thirds. There we go. gave up three hits, one walk and struck out for Blake Taylor, filmmate on Raphael Montero and even Ryan stanning. They all came in and managed to get strikeouts and keep the angels hitters at a going. Runs they scored were in the first inning when they got six, and that was it. The bullpen was fun normal. I've been thoroughly impressed with this astros bullpen so far this season. They continue to come out and shut it down. Shut it down, I and that's what you want your bullpen to do. Now, even though Ryan Pressley is not there because he's injured, but I still think that starting pitching should get you at least six, maybe seven, good solid innings, you know, even though you might be down, but still keep you in the game,...

...and I think that's not something. I don't know, I don't know. I don't want to try to make excuses for odorizzy, but something is going to have to happen soon because right now, the way the Astros are, they're sitting in I believe they're sitting in fourth place right now for fourth place in the American League West. I get it, it's only April. Okay, now, I you. You can say rip, it's April. I get it, I understand. But when you've got the Los Angeles angels that are in first place sitting at eight and five, you got the mariner sitting in second at seven and five, and then Texas is, the Rangers are still struggling as the as they are at two and nine and they've lost their last five. But Oakland's right there as well. The Astros should be at least above Oakland. Now. I know they're fixing a problem. Probably play them soon off the check the schedule to find out for sure win, but it still you should at least be one or two in the top of this Al, this Al Division right now, Ao West, and I don't know what's going on. I really don't, because it's not just Odorizzi and it's the offense as well. The offense has been struggling and it's frustrating to see because this is a team that still get has the capability to put up runs at like that. I mean the snap of a finger. This this offense can can get going. And you know right now, as the Astros as a team as batting one hundred and ninety nine, while the rest of their opponents are bouting two hundred and thirty four against them. Aside from the Minnesota twins, which are the team that has the lowest team batting average, the astros are right above them. The Astros and twins are the two teams that are sitting below two hundred for a team batting average. Not Good.

Not Good, especially when you've got the reigning American link batting champion in your leg, Gurio, who has been slow at the plate, batting one hundred and forty seven and just thirty five play of plate appearances. Now, Alex Bregman, and you're not ovarez have been also been slow, but they're ops is higher. Is One of the Yulie is not. Sorry, your don is sitting around a nine hundred ops. Alex Bregman is sitting around a seven hundred and ninety five. They're only consistent hitter right now is Jeremy Pinya. In eleven games he's batting three hundred eight, with three hundred and sixty four ops, five hundred ninety second percentage and a nine hundred and fifty four. Jeremy Pinion. Jeremy Pinion is the guy that is coming through right now in the clutch. Now I get it, it is April. It is April, but when you lose series two, actually you split a series against the Arizona diamondbacks, but you lose the series in Seattle to the to the mariners, and then you drop your home opener series against the angels, Dude, I don't know what it is. I really don't. I really feel that the Ashtos need to be able to get things going offensively. We'll see what happens, because now they have the blue jays coming into coming into town, and the Blue Jays are sitting in first place in the American League East. So right now they are sitting at excuse me, they actually are in the second place. They're tied with the Yankees. There's they're both seven and five. But I don't know. George Springer might be coming back. I believe he might be injured, but still we don't know if he will actually make his return to minute may park and actually play. But you got Justin varlander...

...going on Friday night against the Blue Jays, so that's going to be a good series to go to, good game to go watch. And then you've got we don't know WHO's pitching for Toronto yet, but hopefully on Saturday Jose Your Katy can get back to it. He struggled a little bit in his last outing against the mariners. And then Louis Garcia as well. WHO's Louis Garcia? Has Been doing well. He's want to know what the two point seven nine, seven nine R a. So He's there closing out the weekend series against the Blue Jays. So starting pitching he has been good. Now, when we look at starting pitching right now, in April, pitching staff is ranked thirteen in major league baseball. With the three point five to you're you're a so the right there in the middle. Pitching has been in the middle. It's just getting those innings, getting out of GM's and trying to not let it snowball into one thing into the next. And I know the Astros there are six and six right now and I saw something last night that through the first twelve games last season, the ash shows were six and six as well and they went to the world series. So I don't know if history will repeat itself. Will find out come October, but I get it. It's a pull. I get it. Fans or starting to get frustrated and you know, hopefully, odorizz you can figure something out, because I really want him to do well. I really do, guys. I really want him to do well. I really think that he is a pitcher that can come in and not necessarily slam the door and lock it down for five six innings, but at least give you quality starts. That's what you need,...

...quality starts, because you have the bullpen that can do it, that can come in and close the door. You've got to all star closer that, when he comes back off the IO, can get it done. You went out and picked up one of the phillies all time safe leaders and Hector nurs that can do it as well. You've got the offense. When they get going, watch out because they will come out and they will annihalily, an aiate, anal that I can even pronounce. Not even continue, but you you get the idea. They will shut it down, they will score runs and they will score runs very quickly. So hopefully, for whatever it is, the ass shows can figure it out. They have a day off today, but then it gets really tough. It gets really tough because then they go on a massive, long streak of games that, I believe it. They have one day off in thirty three days. So they go back to back. It's a very, very tough part of the schedule here in end of April going into early May, and the competition is going to be pretty fierce as well. Just coming up on this massive stretch that they've got. They've got the rangers coming in, or actually they go to Texas. Then they got the Seattle mariners coming in, the Tigers are coming in, then they get that day off, they go to Minnesota to face former foe. Well, I might come with Phoe now because now he's with the twins and call his crayff, foe and friend, but I'm on they're on the field. It's he's a foe. But then they go to Washington and they go to Boston and they come back home to face Texas and Cleveland, and that's at the end of May. May. That is a long stretching games. One day off and that's you know today. They have a day off on May the ninth and then they don't have another day off until may twenty...

...six. So a lot of traveling home games mixedand but I mean they'll be on the road for six, seven, eight nine games in the middle of May against the twins, nationals and red sox before coming back to face Texas. So it's a tough stretch and the ashlows are going to have to figure it out because that's that's a brutal part of the schedule this early in the season. So but HMM, it'll be interesting to see how everything kind of continues to shape out with the Astros. I know and Astro stants are frustrated. I'm frustrated as well because I want to see this offense get going. I don't want to see it struggle. I want to see odorizzy get back to at least just getting quality starts. That's what it comes down to, quality starts. You've got the offense, you've got the bullpen, just go out there and pitch. So hopefully he figures it out soon and we'll see what happens from there. But Space City was really disconnected last night and their home opener of the Space City Connect Jerseys, which I think our finished fantastic. I love it. I love the color scheme, love the all blue, I love the Rainbow Colors. So hopefully we can get a victory come I want to say it's going to be we'll be for the next opener. So it'll be in May, second as when the Astros return home, and so we will see them in those space space city connect uniforms again. So but stay positive, astros fans. It's going to be something that might be a little bit of a growing pain this early in the season, but they will eventually, eventually start to click and they usually find their stride around mid May, early June. So stay positive. We'll get through it. It'll be fun to watch. It's baseball. It happens. It's April. So but that's in do it for this episode. Guys, remember you can find the show on all the major podcast platforms, apple, Google or spotify. You can follow a show on twitter and face book at Rip Griffin Show,...

...and you can follow the show on Youtube. Be Sure to subscribe so you know when a show will be going live soon. So, but that's going to do it. Take Care, appreciate it and be sure to subscribe. Rate, review, take your guys,.

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