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Episode 11 · 2 months ago

Astros Make It Ten in A Row


In this episode, Rip recaps the Astros series sweep over the Minnesota Twins. The Astros continue to pitch well and the offense has been able to find ways to put up runs. With this recent sweep of the Twins, the Astros have won 10 in a row and will continue to look for more on this current nine-game road trip. 

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It's gonna Store the Texas Baseball report, which our host ripped griffin. Hey, what's wrong, guys? Thanks for tuning into this episode of the Texas Baseball Report. I'm your house for Griffin. You can follow me on twitter at Griffin three. You can find this show at Texas Baseball Report on twitter, instagram and facebook, and also at Texas Baseball reportcom. The Astros continue to dominate, as they had another impressive series sweep over the Minnesota twins today. They are coming off a series sweeps at home against the manners, against the Tigers and now the twins. They are ten and Oh over their last ten games, and they continue to do it with pitching, timely pitching, great pitching, and it's none other than one justin verlander. Justin Bronner, has been absolutely phenomenal this season and we are going to continue to see his vintage. Justin Vernon verlind like we've seen throughout his entire career. You know, stepping away from from baseball for the last two years, has he recovered from Tom and John? I think it kind of reinvigorated himself a little bit. I was listening to MLB network radio the other day and Julie Morales, who covers the ashtows, who is the field reporter for the Astros, and...

...she was on high heat with a lot of Rizzo and they were talking about Justin verlander and they were talking about how he's been able to be so dominant at such a high velocity that we've seen at age thirty nine. I mean he is getting up there in age, which is I mean, we all do that, we will be we will all get there. But just hearing what Julian Morales had said about verlander and you know his his demeanor with with the club. He missed being a part of that and he's been reenergized. He's been what they kind of you, even though the Astros have continued to kind of watch verlander and what he's been able to do this season. And Julian Rayllis said it best, and his last outing he got up a hundred to one hundred piges, which is where he wanted to be. And now, like she said, the governor is off and the ashtrows are ready to get let them turn loose and when they get kind of past this six man rotation that the ashes are currently on, it's all do because this massive streak of games that they have, thirty four games and thirty three games, thirty four days. Excuse me, they need to have these pictures have an extra day arrest. They just had a day off on May ninth. They don't have another day off until may twenty six. So it's definitely something that the ashows are going to continue to watch with Justin verlander. But all in all he's been absolutely phenomenal and we saw it in this series against the Minnesota twins and that game won because he had a no hitter going ye had no hitter going up into the eighth inning. So you know, he came into that game with a with the one record, with a one point nine three Arra, and so he just continued to dominate. He flirted with that no hitter. Just some stats to kind of show you where Justin verlander is right now after his outing. You know, he's currently ranked fourth in era with the... point five five, which after that start on Tuesday, that's where he's at now. He's sixth and innings pitch at forty point two. He's first an opponent on base percentage with a one hundred and fifty. First and whip with a six four. His winning percentage is tied for fourth at eight hundred and he's one of eighteen pitchers that are tied with four wins this season alone. So that kind of just goes to show what Justin Berliner has been doing this season. And you know, I think a lot of these other pictures, the starting pitchers like Framer and Louis Garcia, Jaco to Rizzi and even the bullping guys, hecked and near as Rafael Montero. They're all seeing these guys, and even Ryan Pressy as well. They're seeing verlander work and they're seeing how well he's performing and that's where they want to be at. They want to be at that elite level that verlander is and it's so important to have him back in this rotation, even though we don't have a lance mccolors yet. When Lance mccolors CO comes back, it's going to be one of those things the Astros are going to have to kind of revamp the rotation a little bit, but I mean getting my colors back. You've got verlander, you've got Jose your key, you've got fram or, you've got Louis Garcia up. What they do with Christian Jabbier and Jacob Rizzi. That's a good problem to have, that really is. And when we see mccolors cut back, which is probably not going to be until maybe around the all star break, but getting him back. Oh the rest of the American league and the Nationally East, who the Astros play in interleague play this year better watch out with teams like the Yankees that are currently leading their division, the twins that they even though they just came off this series sweep loss against the Astros, the twins are still leading them. The American league central teams like the White Sox and the Seattle Mariners are are two teams that come to mind that we're...

...supposed to kind of be more into contention and their division races this year aren't really showing that this year. When we look at, you know, Boston, Boston is another team that just has not gotten off to the right foot. They're currently ranked fifth in the Americanly East at eleven and twenty. Detroit. I think Detroit is probably probably been the team that has been the most surprising because we all expected them to be a little bit more up there and within the division race, the White Sox are currently at fifteen and fourteen. So the Guardians are at five hundred fifteen and fifteen. So teams that were starting to see, especially in the American League, that we're supposed to kind of be there, the Tampa Bay and Toronto are going to go back and forth between second and third. It all depends that how the Yankees continue to do. Pitching's been okay, you know, started off Conrad of but we're going to see kind of things kind of start to take shape. We're seeing teams kind of slowly starting the distance themselves within the division. Now the ashows are right now, after this series sweep over the twins, are currently at half a game up over the angels, who are Twenty One and twelve. So they just lost their they got a one game loostion strick right now, where the ashlows have one ten or row with them dining for at home twelve and seven on the road. They've scored a hundred thirty one runs, but runs against has been pretty phenomenal at ninety seven runs against, which is right now and currently looks like second in the American League, only behind the Yankees. So I mean even though we look at the National League as well, some teams that we thought might be able to contend. Atlanta's right there at fifteen, seventeen, under five hundred, which they kind of where last year. Milwaukee is kind of being one of those teams that has kind of come up through the ranks in the in the National League, central St Louis, Pittsburgh, the cubs. I think the cubs are probably a surprising team as well. Cincinnati, of course, we all know what they're they're dealing with.

But as far as I mean everything that's that's kind of shaping up right now with how this season's going to ashlows are. They're in the driver's seat. They really are, just by looking at with these other teams in the divisions, both in the America League and Ash League, are doing in the ashlows are there there at twenty, one and eleven now. So it's going to be interesting to see how everything kind of pans out. You know, there they are on this dime game road stretch right now that they just wrapped up with the twins. They've got the nationals that are currently, I can mention, and last place. Then they got the Boston Red Sox that are also in last place. So there's a lot of favorable wins that kind of play into the ashlows favor. And then course they come back home next week and then they take on the Texas Rangers, who are currently right now thirteen and seventeen, who just want tonight, also against the cannisseee royals. So a lot of things for the as. Shows that they can get back into and kind of distance themselves. You know, it kind of plays into what are the angels going to do, because if the angels kind of start to fall off, then that kind of gives the Ashdos a little bit more breathing room within this division as well. So a lot of great things that the ashes are doing right now. I know it was a struggle there at the beginning of the season. They got and they got off to that little bit of a hot start. The kind of cooled off a little bit, but now that kind of looks like they're starting to get find that groove again. A lot of guy, guys like Kyle Tucker, who's got off that slow start, seems like he's kind of starting to turn it around. Had A home run today which looked like it wasn't even going to be a home run, but it kind of just carrying just a little bit over the wall there, and you know that's kind of thing with with target field there in Minnesota. The wind kind of swirls around a little bit. So it kind of got up there and just had a high arc with think it was around a forty forty degree launch angles. So it wasn't exit view though it was was right there around a hundred hundred hundred one, but it was maybe it would get out and that's good for Kyle Tucker to get back into it. You're on Alvarez's homer twice today and that when that fighting nothing when over the twins.

So is good get his offensive back going, play a little bit defensive last night in that suspended game which went up to the Bouck to the fourth ending and then the game took over today and that's sixth inning. That home runn I was kind of talking about with Kyle Tucker. He got things started and then from there the as shows just continue to do things, whether it's pitching, whether it's offense. It's kind of one of those things of pitching is there, but offense come will kind of follow, and that's kind of one of the things I heard this week as well with the Ash Jos that sometimes when the pitching is there, the offense lacks behind a little bit, or the offense is there, the pitching kind of lags behind. Pretty soon those two are going to gel and then from there it's going to be lights out for the rest of the American League, especially the National League as well, and it's going to be fun to watch. It's going to be fun for these two, this series, these that's that's fixing to come up, and even the series after that. I'm looking forward to the Yankee series coming up here pretty soon. I think that one's in June, so that one's going to be coming up here pretty soon. It's going to be Boston. I'm curious to see how this Boston series is going to go because even though the Boston Red Sox are kind of faltering a little bit, but I don't know, even you get a little bit more better competition, you kind of play a little bit better. We saw that last season with the Ash Jos as well. But all at all, I mean you coming off a seven games series sweep at home, which is something that ashls haven't done since two thousand and three, and then they come out of the road sweep the twins, going twenty one and three outscoring the twins. So that's I mean tells you right now, it right there that the offense kind of starting to find its groove. You've got guys like Justin Varlander, who throws a no hitter into the eighth inning. Are you would have had that if a, you...

...know, Gary Sanchez kind of slaps the ball to opposite feel. But it was kind of one of those things. We've seen verlandrd get it, get that note hitter before and we know that they're tough and I think he was a little relieved after that point. Curiously, I see or hear how the elbow is doing after that that linkly I'm out of pressure put on his arm. But you know, just like by listening to a lot of the interviews a lot of the broadcasters that cover the Astros, and they all continue to say that verlanderd is doing phenomenal. Josey, your Kayio what is as well. Didn't get to do a whole lot in that game and that suspended game. He came into that game, he was two and one with the four six year a had a really good out in his last outing. Kept the ball down in the zone, which is good because he had a lot of ground balls. Didn't get very many strikeouts, but that's Jose Your Kitty. That's how he pitches. He pitches to contact, he pitches for ground balls and he may not get a whole lot of strikeouts, but that's okay. I mean if the ball staying low in the zone and he's doing what he needs to do, he's got the defense to back them up, with guys like Alex Bregman, Jeremy Painya, even in the Outfield, Michael Brantley and and you League Ariel, their first base, a God go first baseman that can scoop anything out of the ground. So and even to Louise Today, game three against the twins, Louis Garcia was absolutely phenomenal. Nine strikeouts today. The kid continues. He continues to improve every outing and that's something that as Astros fans watch him continue to blossom, he's going to be aside young candidate, he's going to be one that's going to be in the talks. He was, in already a rookie of the year candidate last season. Louis Garcia is is going to be a fun one to watch good command of the...

...breaking ball, the fastballs. There his overall I'm going to look to see what his overall percentage was in that outing today, because he just nine strikeouts. Nine strikeouts and over five innings. Nine strikeouts in five innings. That just goes to show how good command that he has of all his pitches and it's it's going to be fun to watch. Then you get guys like Jake Good Rizzi as well, who, even though got off to that rough start, has dominated in his last three outings. The Jake Oder Rizzi slander should be over with now. Jake God Rizzi is a guy that I think we are all going to continue to watch and I think having that, I mentioned, having Brillian or back in that rotation has done something as giving these this starting staff a new new life, we'll call it that. They they've got new life down you. They know that they don't have to go out and try to you'll punch out fifteen, twenty guys, which I don't even know is as that even a thing, as have been like a yeah, I mean you look back at a carry wood back in one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, who, yeah, had twenty strike out so it has happened before, probably not in this day and age, but back then in the early to late S, early S. Yeah, so answer my own question there. But anyways, Louis Garcio definitely not I got to watch. I mean like I missed Sion candidate. He's definitely going to be fun as he continues to work with I mean even the the the coaches, the the pigeon, the coaching staff. I mean there's no, no more branch Strom Bridge strong's gone. He's with the diamondbacks down. But you can see what these guys that are now in pitching coaching's fishing coaches, excuse me, what they've been able to do with with Garcia and kind of been able to harness him...

...a little bit. Okay, I can't seem to find it, but anyways I found it with burlander and he was kind of mixing in his good mixed with the slider and his fastball and he was little kiating everything well, but I can't seem the fund out with Louis Garcia. So anyways, I'll do that. I'll post it on social media later on, but anyways, I mean Louis Garcia is another guy, but all in all this ash those team. Great series win against the Minnesota twins, a serious sweep. They head off now and too to face the Washington nationals, which is a rematch the two thousand and nineteen world series. But game one of the series against the nationals we friend voved Az versus Sonny Gray and in game two will be Christian Javier going against Eric freedy Feedi, and then in game three will be just a very lander going up against Patrick Corbin. So a lot of great things coming into that series against nationals. So it's going to be fun to watch. I think it's any exciting. I think the Ashles can will continue their win street against this nationals team that continues to struggle there in the national leguas. So but all in all, great series win for the ash rows as they improved to team, as they improved to twenty one and eleven and currently are in first place by half of game over the Los Angeles Angels. So can be fun to me a great week in a baseball got custom college baseball coming up this weekend, some conference tournament championships this weekend and we've got Major League Baseball, we've got minor league baseball. It's a a lot of baseball this weekend, so hopefully we can keep up with it and keep you on track of your favorite team. So that's into it for this episode. Remember you can follow the show in all the major podcast platforms, apple, Google or spotify. You can follow the show on twitter, instagram, at and facebook at Texas baseball port or at Texas baseballportcom. That's to do it for this episode. Be Sure if you have any questions call it in. That numbers two, one through two, sixty three, three, two, five three. That's to do it for this episode. Guys, take care.

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